The Stepfather (1987)

What is it? John Locke from LOST murders his entire family then joins a new family under a new identity where his new stepdaughter is suspicious of him and people are closing in on his identity.

If You like Movies loosely based on real events, domestic horror, Terry O'Quinn, Terry O'Quinn's hog

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Fun horror movie loosely based on real life murderer John List who murdered his entire family and then moved to join another family. Terry O'Quinn stars and does a great job as an increasingly unhinged Stepfather losing his grip on who he is currently pretending to be.

The wife and stepdaughter are both very well acted, but the b-plot involving people from his old life trying to find him is clumsy and the actors involved in this plot are just bad.

The soundtrack is a lot of fun as well, very of this era of horror synths, with some good off-kilter music during the climax and other moments of horror.

Terry O'Quinn's performance is great and I had a good time with the main story. His unhinged looks are appropriately creepy, and I also really enjoyed the focus on his character being obsessed with the "idea" of having a family.

4 family members out of 5.